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++ Golden Roses ++ by DigiKat04 ++ Golden Roses ++ by DigiKat04
Another yellow rose set, you say? Well this one's golden. ...Yes it is. >3<

Another gift I made~ (Because I was included to this year's gift trade event with my aunts and uncles, that's why >|D)
Again, I don't know their favorite color so I chose gold....en. I should get more variations with the ribbon colors...=7=

Though unlike the other yellow rose set I made, there's a charm + adjustable ring with a relatively large shiny rose glued (appr. 1in diameter) this time. Also the design is different, of course. ...Plus more mini roses. Got to love hot glue gun even though I stitch them first anyway just to make sure it won't come out easily.

This and the previous green set is packaged(?) just like the earrings you find in a store - well not really, and I was going to write it but I simply suck at explaining through words, so I'll just leave a link to show the diagram =w=; -> [link] Just imagine it has colors |D (the lines that seems to be holding the item in place are those wire thingy you twist more than the necessary amount)

The roses were made with help of this tutorial -> [link] , though I do slightly different because I sometimes bend the ribbon the other way and etc.

by :icondigikat04:
Angelkaat Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Wow, you're so talented! These are really pretty~ The black and gold colors, along with the lace and roses, remind me of the Vocaloid song "Daughter of Evil"
Jayasree123 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
They are so cute. I love them.
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