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I'm actually back,

Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2016, 11:38 PM

× . × . × . ×

after 7 months of absence.

Or 8, since I'm pretty sure it was either beginning or mid-October the last time I was officially here...Yup. A really long time ago.

As for my so-called justification on this matter is that there were few things being overlapped:

- It was my last college semester (unless I failed 1 of them and thus repeating another semester |D) to graduate.
- Having no frequent HW was nice but that meant I need to do well on all the few but long writing assignments. And the U.S. history class professor I got was really difficult due to his teaching style was not appealing to my learning style in any way (I'm a terrible audio-only learner). fast note-taking was a must and some parts I'm not entirely sure what letter/word I wrote when I reviewed afterward. 3 hours long (with 20min break halfway) of continuous fast-paced note-taking is not that fun even though he did make it sound fun occasionally...! _(:3 」∠)_
- Also, really long chapters with so many details in 700 pages and 2 other documentary books with ~200pg each and writing 8 page-long essays are not exciting either.
- On the other hand, the writing class was not as bad. That doesn't mean it was exceptionally enjoyable either...>|D

- I got a job (in beginning of Oct.).
- My weekends since then has been and are currently being overtaken by work.
- If there's one positive impact health-wise, is that I get sleepy after getting home from work that makes easier to fall sleep.
- (And it has nothing to do with art or my major.)

Well, I guess there's just these 2 main ones. But honestly, my drawing time was on weekends and Fridays mainly, but these 3 consecutive art days turned into work days. I'm working 4 days a week at the moment, so there are 3 days I'm technically free. Which, were used as my studying, reading textbooks, and writing essay day because I found that on days I have work I didn't have enough energy or motivation to do them and instead fell asleep early. I'm more used to it now but still, after getting off work I'm yawning...not to the point I'm falling asleep while driving, though.

So basically, I was either doing school work or going to my job for the past half-year.
And I'm pretty sure I was drawing somewhere until before Halloween came...meaning I haven't drawn anything digitally (or analogue; except the occasional small thumbnail-size images for the history class notes) for this entire time.
There's also the change of my monitor because the other one died from an unknown reason that I couldn't find even after looking the capacitors and what's not inside, that did affect the default canvas size I use with SAI now. The new one has a larger resolution than the other one, and after opening some old (2016) pieces I found them to be kind of too I haven't really drawn after that change. The color profile (?) of the monitor was chaotic for a while after changing the monitor that made all the preview images sepia-ish via the Windows image preview thing that was kind of tiring to figure out to fix the issue too.
Also few days ago I changed my computer desk to a new one, and since this one doesn't have the under-the-desk-sliding-thingy where my tablet used to be, so it's in front of where I have my mouse right now. Seemed to have forgotten to connect it to the desktop, but it's there. Staring at me. And I found out later that I would have to go buy a USB Hub if I want to use it in front of me with cord being hidden at the back (because the cord happens to be a bit short).

I still haven't gotten through the messages and the notes. Which, it's funny I did dream several times the deviantART site in the first 4~5 months since I was gone because of the guilt conscious of not making progress on the commission pile I left unfinished. I thought about this issue so much enough that I saw in dreams, while I still can't dream my favorite anime/game characters even though I love them so much. My brain is evil.

Which by the way, at the moment I still have 3 out of 7 days free, so I'll try to finish everything ASAP. Which seems to be a long list.
The number is not my real concern, though; I haven't drawn for practically more than half-year, so that might affect my style or something is my concern. I'll just say there might be some difference from the last deviation like the coloring mainly, but that's probably the most notable one...I'm guessing.

Also sorry for those who have sent commission request or ask regarding the progress during the past 7~8 months and have not heard anything--I never logged in during these times. I was thinking about saying something during November but apparently I never did. the closest thing I did was update the profile in Twitter during April that I won't be here until 5/20. That has extended to 5/26. Of course, there's just a tiny chance that about 1 person might've/could've/probably noticed or not but that's what I did for announcing my dead-or-alive status on deviantART. And tweeting few times just to imply I'm somewhat still alive over there because I have a Twitter widget here that say the dates I've tweeted something.

And because how I've been very inactive here for the past several months--and my boss did say it will be busier during summer time--I will be (finally) be using the closed sign for commission.
Won't be closed forever, but I will be limiting the slot to probably only 3 or 4 the next time it opens. Whenever that might be.

Oh, and I did graduate. As a Phi Theta Kappa member and "Great Distinction" Honor (GPA 3.5--4.0)...although during the graduation ceremony it wasn't really talked about at all =7=
And as a good student with honors and high GPA, the school give us the option to spend more money to extra accessories with our gowns to show our accomplishments, which sum up to more than twice than what the regular graduates that do the minimum to graduate.
There should be a new policy where students doing exceptionally or good standing to get discounts from the college store. Adds more reasons to get better grades and keep it that way. _(:3 」∠)_

I can't remember what I was going to add more but these are the main things (that I do remember) I wanted to say.
I will be here time to time since I'm not in college anymore, but I might become inactive again during summer (not the same length as this one though).


Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

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x1. GQuin Gabriel & Nate (R.fullbody/nonBG) Button - Paid by happy-gurl
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oX. -res- Hoa-prox Jamie (M.chibi) Button - Paid by happy-gurl


*Currently there is no particular slot limit; thus there's no need to ask for an open slot, they're always available~

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Love fine art too though (my first choice in fact) (・∞・)

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